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About Us

Ask anyone who has tried it, and they will tell you that no one can forget their first taste of Malaysian food. So couldn't our Uncle Joe when he first tried the genuine hawker-style Laksa on his visit to Penang during the mid-'70s. That first taste became a passion for indulging in authentic Malay food.


That first taste became the foundation of Uncle Joe's Malaysian Kitchen years later. In Uncle Joe's Malaysian Kitchen, food always tastes strong, unique, and spicy, so you, your friends, and your family can devour every bite and celebrate taste and togetherness.


We believe that great-tasting food has the power to connect people beyond cultures and countries. And when it comes to culinary traditions and cultural diversity, Malaysian food is a natural winner. Uncle Joe's Malaysian kitchen is a tribute to our late Uncle Joe who sadly passed away from cancer in January 2020.

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Our Story

The Story of Uncle Joe's Recipes dates back to the mid-70s; Uncle Joe continued exploring the richness and variety of Malaysian cuisine. During Pasar Malam (night market), he discovered local dishes, local harvest, and other offerings. He was mesmerized by the delicious cuisine, diverse culture, and distinct kindness everywhere he went.


He found that preparing and enjoying food was more than a process; it was a communal affair that brought people together. During his stay in Ipoh and Penang, Uncle Joe made many local friends. This gave him the unique opportunity to learn their recipes and share their love for cooking with them. Knowing that this was something phenomenal, he documented everything in his diary.


That diary was the magic behind Uncle Joe's hawker-style Australian food shared with family and friends so they could relish the tastes of Malaysia. Later, he gifted that recipe to Chris, his nephew, knowing he shared the same culinary curiosity and cooking expertise as he did.

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The team in every dish

"We deliver and serve the finest Malaysian dishes right to your table, ensuring an authentic culinary experience with both our food and ambiance."

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